01. Once she had forgiven her husband for cheating on her, she never [referred] to the incident again.
02. Do you mind if I use you as a [reference] when I apply for a job at the company where you work?
03. You need a [referral] from your doctor in order to receive massage therapy treatments.
04. When I said that there were a lot of stupid people at the party, I certainly wasn't [referring] to you.
05. The lecturer spoke for over two hours, and only [referred] to his notes once or twice.
06. I hate it when my husband [refers] to me as his old lady.
07. Benoit always [refers] to his climbing expedition in the Rockies as the most exciting experience of his life.
08. Albert Einstein once said that as far as the laws of mathematics [refer] to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not [refer] to reality.
09. People have a tendency to evaluate other cultures in [reference] to their own presumably superior culture.
10. The beluga whale is often [referred] to as the "sea canary" because of the birdlike sounds it makes.
11. The age recorded on a whiskey bottle [refers] to the number of years it is aged before being bottled.
12. Voltaire considered Shakespeare's works so bad that he [referred] to him as "that drunken fool."
13. If you have to [refer] to a dictionary too often when reading in a second language, you will quickly get tired and confused.
14. When a Somali [refers] to a brother or sister, this term can include distant relatives as well as actual siblings.
15. The name "Tahiti" is often used to [refer] to both the island of Tahiti, and the whole of the area of French Polynesia.
16. Make sure that you note the author and publication of any [references] you use in your essay.
17. The most common [references] used for writing a speech are probably a simple dictionary and a thesaurus.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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